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operation philosophy


(I) Customer value
The enterprise starts to transform from "product-oriented" to be "customer-oriented".
1. Operated an "customer-oriented" enterprise
2. Focus on customer value and customer satisfaction
3. Develop along the path responding to the preference of the customers
4. Obtain profit from all-life value of the customers
(II) Core capacity
Presently, the core capacity is the second key driving factor for the Company. In the new economic environment, each business has its own conditions, different conditions require different technology. Environmental change has greatly changed the concepts of the enterprise, namely transforming from "becoming larger in scale" and "becoming better" to be "faster speed" and "unique".
1. Turn the activity that others can do better and faster and where profit is lower to other others to do. 
2. Take the best enterprises in the world as the benchmark and learning example.
3. Continuously create new competitive advantages
4. Simultaneously operate "fair" and "market space
(III) Cooperation network
In new economic environment, competition does not exist among enterprises, but exist among the cooperation network, the enterprise that can establish fine cooperation network will be greatly benefited. 
1. Take balancing interests of all of interest-related parties as the core
2. Great reward for the partners and customers of the enterprise 
3. Contact with more dealers, and turn them become the partners of the enterprise
Presently, there is fierce competition and active cooperation in the market. The enterprise just wants to establish such one good platform and make more partners not start from the scratch any longer.




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